Sunday, February 12, 2017

BBQ Dinner, February 25, 2017

Sadly, because this is the Ecuadorian election weekend we are changing the BBQ dinner from this Saturday, Feb, 18th to the followingSaturday, Feb. 25th.

Ecuadorian Ley Seco law forbids the sale or consumption of alcohol 36 hrs prior to and 12 hours following the close of the election.  Serious penalties, jail and fines, can be assessed for violating this law.

Many of our guests and friends said they would prefer to wait a week as opposed to having a dry dinner.

If you have already made a reservation your name(s) will remain on the guest list for 2/25, but we will check with you during the week in case you need to make changes,

Thanks for you understanding.   We look forward to cooking for you. 

Best Regards,

Ken and KP
Joe’s Secret Garden